LN894 21/03/2016

Today (Monday) The Atlantic has been throwing large uncomfortable rollers at Nellie & everyone on board. Mess duty becomes literally a bit messy & difficult, but everyone gets stuck in despite the odd expletive! We have been motoring in a northerly direction for the last couple of days to try to pick up the desired by all south westerlies that will hopefully kick start us in the direction of the Channel and Southampton. On-board entertainers are really beginning to kick in with a quiz tonight & a murder mystery spectacular that apparently involves all but one being murdered, wondering how he/she will manage the ship single handed! There have also been lectures on Celestial and Terrestrial Navigation & Knot Tying. The watch prize of a bottle of wine for the first confirmed Whale sighting goes to Joe, who today saw a Fin Whale. At last the wind is moving into the south west & we have all just turned out to the “all hands on deck” request to set the Fore Masts Royals, T’gallant & Main Course square sails, the opposite watch are doing the same on the Main Mast with the exception of the Main Course.

Finally now Nellie is settling down, the big roll being balanced out with the sail pressure. A quiet hour now before supper and the quiz.

We are on a Midnight to 0400 watch tonight & it’s getting colder, already I can’t wait for my warm berth…