21st/22nd August 2013 Aft Port Watch Day 5-6

Greetings from Aft Port watch

So the day begins with a mystery…

Tio the monkey is nowhere to be found!

Last seen propping up the bar on Sunday. Large reward in bananas for anyone who finds him!

Our watch had the honour of bringing the ship into Albany. Chay expertly steered the ship into the port under the direction of Captain Chris whilst trying to avoid colliding with whales which were following us into port.

Having finally managed to get the line gang ashore we all finally let loose on Albany.

After exploring the delights of Albany sightseeing on the local Tall Ship Amity, shopping and enjoying the local beerages, the entire crew descended on the local pub ‘The Earl of Spencer’ to meet the famous Uncle Angus (Neil Marshall’s uncle – having met the famous cousin Angus in Fremantle). The night was thoroughly enjoyed by all especially Uncle Angus who ended the night in a flower bed.

Next morning with a few sore heads and people nursing hangovers the voyage picture was taken and assisted climbs took place. Which was an inspiring sight to see, so many voyage crew make it to the first platform and come down with huge grins on their faces.

On leaving Albany the good news is that all voyage crew have found their sea legs, but the bad news the sea swells have got bigger! Causing chaos in the galley sending drinks, food and people flying.

Hoping for a smoother sail across the Great Australian Bight.

Aft Port Watch Jane, Simone, Jocelyn, Ian, Russ, Chay, Max and Neil.