The day started early with Jess’s trans-Atlantic phonecall, hearing of her GCSE results – a sail-bag full of A’s and A*’s, with one B lurking in the shadows.

Early on the midnight-0400 watch the sails were taken in apart from the main stay-sail, and the motor was switched on. We passed several gas rigs throughout the night adjacent to Sable Island (which is now to our stern) and we’re well and truly out to sea with land no longer in sight.

It is a beautiful day with favourable winds and bright sunshine, and we’ve been practising and plotting with sextants to work out our position, checking the GPS, which was accurate within two miles.

After Happy Hour was completed a further ten sails were set, led by Jess under Steve’s guidance. She’s been told she needs to shout louder, but that will come with time!

We now have eleven sails set (including the Spanker!) and sailing along at a pleasant 4.1 knots. At present the console on the Bridge is being sanded and numerous whales have been spotted! The fishing line is out however nothing seems to be very interested in it – can’t think why.

Our top speed under sail today (so far!) has been a speedy 5.7 knots!

Our next watch is midnight-0400 so it’s early to bed for forty winks after dinner!

Forward Port
(Jess, Sherwood, Olwen, Andy, Lizzi, Philippa, David, Mary and Helen)

Best Wishes to Helen and Kirsty for their wedding on Saturday!