Day 4

This is forward port reporting from the sunny bridge as we watch over the calm ocean with the west coast of New Zealand in the distance off starboard side.

8 till midnight watch last night was truly spectacular. The snow covered peak of Mount Taranaki appeared just as we came onto watch. This was closely following by an amazing sunset and appearance of 6 dolphins that had a brief play under the bow sprit.

The sun is shining again today and after breakfast it was all hands on deck to set the all the sails on the fore and main mast. We are currently sailing at 4 knots (with some extra assistance from the starboard engine!). A shark was just spotted off the port side and eyes are keenly on the lookout for more wildlife as we sit back in the sun and enjoy afternoon watch.

Forward port signing off – Alli (our fearless leader), Robin, Dani, Louise, Den, Stretch, Colin and Hannah