21/5/15 LN866

Setting sail from Southampton on the Tuesday morning, we made swift (and slightly bumpy!) progress over to Cherbourg through some choppy waters which proved to be too much for some of the crews stomachs!

Anchoring in the outer harbour overnight, we went through the lock gates into the inner harbour on Wednesday morning and were given a chance to take advantage of the fantastic sunshine, enjoying a day spent settling our stomachs and refuelling on French bread, cheese and pastries, before setting sail once again for home on Thursday.

Conditions on the way home were almost perfect, with clear blue skies and favourable winds making for a perfect journey under full sail without any engine assistance.

Just to make the journey that little more special, we had a pod of dolphins with their babies come and play alongside the ship for the crew!

All-in-all a fantastic…and varied!…introduction to tall ship sailing.

Fwd Port watch: Bruce (leader), Ben, Dave, Dai, Jenny, Mick, Rio