Seven days in and the chocolate is running thin. But the essentials are still there; wine and food and of course a whole lot of moral!

What a holiday it is though. Sailing through the North Atlantic where the clouds have parted revealing the famous tropic of cancer sun. But we think the crew have been taking in a bit too much, becoming as red as the grilled tomatoes Aly our cook has been cooking us for breakfast. A fish has also been caught and its size seems to be growing with every story told.

So yes, sailing has been going well. It has been good having set all the sails the past couple of days. Five hundred miles sailed and approximately one thousand to go. We haven’t seen land in a few days but life on the water with good company and good food isn’t too bad!

Tayla, Melissa, Andre, Dirk, Ray, Matt, Si & Paul
Forward Starboard Watch