Day 7                           Saturday 22nd February 2014


Forward Starboard here.  Day 7 of our voyage sees us leaving Deceptio n Island heading for either Cuverville or Port Lockroy, the weather i s cold clear and the sea is relatively calm. Whales were spotted afte r our exit through Neptune’s Bellows and so far this watch we have sp otted penguins and our first chunk of floating ice, was it a growler or a bergy bit? Not sure but it was well away to Starboard.


Yesterday saw us pass through Neptune’s Bellows into the caldera, or the lagoon within the ring of Deception Island mountains.


We then went for a gentle cruise around the caldera looking at the gl acial flows mixed with volcanic ash.


Our tour of the caldera was ending when it was announced that the sho re trip was to be reinstated after supper.


Fortified with beef, chicken, and/or vegetable curry the boat was man ned and we we were ferried ashore.


Kate and Eileen were landed in their chairs and Eileen employed Piers as a bearded work horse.


People went in various directions to see the fascinating remains of t he old Norwegian Whaling Station, rusting metal storage tanks crumbli ng accommodation blocks, the old aircraft hangar that serviced the Br itish Research station, old boats, whalebones and a barrel graveyard.


Amongst all this were the odd pair of penguin and fur seals. The seal s were difficult to see in the fading light their colouring blending with the volcanic ash shore.


The boats began to ferry everyone back to Nellie but not before Vicky the Cook’s Ass stripped off her boots and went for a paddle!


Back on board and our boots were disinfected and we settled down to a very pleasant evening anchored off the Spanish Research Station.


Love to All, JC, Angela, Peter, Alan, Kate, Liz, Nick and Vinney