58 07S 061 53W


Sailing in a SW Force 6 wind with a heavy swell and rough sea.

Still making our way across Drake’s Passage with the Southern Ocean g iving us a taste of the poorer conditions for which it is renowned. However having endured a day and night of heaving and rolling conditions the wind and seas are dying off and the clouds have dispersed to give us a glorious sunny evening.  Slowly more sails are being set as we try to keep up our speed heading south before the next inevitable blow occurs.


Amazingly in this strong wind and sea the birds wheel and dive, skimming the wave tops and soaring effortlessly.  The Pintandos, or Cape Petrels, a wonderfully black and white plumed bird easily land alongside to ride the waves.


Meanwhile we are all settling into the routine of living onboard: watch-keeping especially looking out for bergy bits, sail handling, eating and most importantly sleeping.  We are all looking forward to our f irst sight of the Antarctic Peninsula hopefully the day after tomorrow.


Best wishes to all from the crew of Lord Nelson.


Forward Port Watch: Robin, Gary, Mislav, Peter, Janet, Jan, Jen, Tori a and Helen