After breakfast we had happy hour where we cleaned the ship and made everything fast, ready for our open ship at 10am. This gave the locals an opportunity to tour the ship learning more about the JST. We had many primary school children who thought this was a great adventure.

Voyage crew had some time ashore to do last minute shopping and send postcards and emails. We took on a delivery of freshly made bread and three whole mutton carcasses (which the cook, with the help of the watch gynaecologist, butchered and froze). We left the quay side under sail, David helming her out of port while cheering locals waved us away.

We set the fore topsail aback to blow the bow off the quay, then let go aft. Once turned off the quay, we squared the fore yards, quickly set the main topsail and then braced the yards to stbd before sailing through the narrows at the entrance to the harbour and off out to sea . A grand sight for the locals. The Fore Course caught whilst being set and suffered an 8 inch tear which the Captain then climbed aloft and repaired.

Aft Port (Margaret, Robert, David, Tom, Peter, Steve, Carolyn)