It’s Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining brightly in the sky, the clouds are high cirrus nimbus, we are on a starboard tac, the wind is on our beam and we have the lower spanker out!  This is fabulous sailing, we are all delighted that the sea swell has reduced and we are able to eat our soup without having to chase it around the lower mess and have a few hours sleep before we are rolled out of our bunks.

Last night was quiz night, which as we didn’t win so we won’t mention.  The Sunday papers have been delivered by speedy albatross and we are catching up on the Lord Nelson news.  Our Sundays are very relaxing, there is no happy hour, and the promise of a roast dinner is wafting its way across the deck.

Our minds are being tested to their limits as we contemplate the best vehicle with which to launch our egg by.  It will be thrown from the main mast to the bridge – the winner is decided by the egg that doesn’t break and goes the furthest.  Our eyes are being tested by the great visability and looking out for dolphins, whales and birds.

Our expected arrival date in the Azores is variable, lets hope for a little more wind to speed ourselves to land.

Port Forward Watch