LN894 22/03/2016

Day 16 and 4 days out of the Azores finds us once more under sail as the sunny Northerlies have given way to fresh and initially very wet Westerlies. We are now at about the same latitude as Finisterre so shorts are becoming increasingly rare and the night watches especially are well wrapped up. The change in temperature has been matched by a change in mood as, one by one, the crew fall prey to a mystery killer. These are no ordinary murders either; I doubt even Poirot ever came across murder weapons as varied as a coffee mug, a bottle of HP sauce, and most strange of all, a laundry basket.

It all started at midnight as a poor tired sailor was lured onto the after deck on the pretence of adjusting the main brace, only to meet his end, courtesy of orange! The following morning, smoko was rudely interrupted by tearful screams of “I don’t want to die , I don’t want to die” as the latest victim met her gruesome end.

What is going on? Will any of us survive to tell the tale? With at least another week of this wonderful sailing breeze to go before we get to Southampton, will there be anyone left to navigate her through the Needles channel?

Read tomorrow’s blog to find out.

Fear not dear reader- in true JST style even the recently murdered are welcome on board, and no one has been harmed in these exploits.