Since leaving Bali on Thursday the phrases, “You have to take the rough with the smooth” & “Let’s rock & roll” kind of sum up our passage in to the Indian Ocean! Anna ended up on the floor after trying to pole dance whilst still in her wheelchair, in an attempt to stabilize herself, while Alli brought a new meaning to a tossed salad as it flew off the table & over the seats as she rushed to Anna’s rescue. The conditions are taking the toll on some of the voyage crew & both Jonathan & John appear to be spending more time in their bunks. The rough seas however have not impacted on Eli’s voracious appetite, (oh to be 19 again!). Ruth is keeping herself busy brain storming for the upcoming egg competition & S.O.D.S., (more to come on that no doubt over the next week) & Mike has been choosing music for tomorrow’s Sunday Service, which will be held by the fore mast.

The highlight of the past 24 hours has got to be when a fishing boat was spotted off our starboard side just before lunch today – Barbara quickly called for Cookie Dave & before we knew it the engines were stopped & fresh fish suddenly appeared on the menu. It’s amazing that Jonnie Walker appears to be as good as the U.S. dollar in international waters & while flying fish have become plentiful out in the expanse of the ocean we didn’t expect to see barracuda & tuna flying on to our decks!!!

Forward Port – Grandpa Jonathan, Grandad John,Daddy Mike, Mummy Alli, Anna – the chosen child, Baby Eli – the mistake &Ruth, the Au Pair.