22nd of June

According to Captain Barbara, this is the best sailing day for ages. The sails have been tweaked to perfection and on our 8-12 watch last night we achieved 11.2 knots the record speed for the trip, and we have covered 211 miles in 24 hrs.

We are now experienced in sail setting and after a meteorological talk by Rob; we are trying to differentiate between waves and swells.

Each to their own thing: Some are taking part in early morning fitness, yoga or Thai chi sessions. Others joined in church service on the foredeck led by the Captain. But, all enjoyed another birthday cake as it is WL Jim’s “25th” birthday. As it is Sunday after all so NO HAPPY HOUR!!!

We’ve seen lots of flying fishes and one booby bird.

All pollywogs on board are now counting down to the crossing the line ceremony in 2 days’ time with nervous anticipation.

Aft stbd

Mel, Karen, Susan, Eli, Frank, Derek, Aoife, Mike and Pinky/Anke