22/07/15 LN873

Set off after breakfast heading to Forsund. With some spare time on our hands, James gave a presentation on Intelectual History, which is geography in relation to people and how the landscape affects the development of communities. A very interesting topic which raised a number of questions especially as we’re sailing through the small scattered communities around the Norwegian Fjords. Twenty minutes into the afternoon watch the Lord Nelson went to the rescue of a small Norwegian boat that had engine trouble. At first it was thought that a rope had entwined itself around the engine. Dave and Co ventured to the boat and donned a wet suit for closer inspection. No rope was found so the next hour was spent securing the boat to the Lord Nelson in order to tow the boat closer to Levik. The port rescue boat came out to meet us on our approach and took over to tow the boat back into port. All in all an adventurous day and even the sun started to shine.

Jennifer Matta, Robin, Maslav, Matt, Doug, John, Joel, Sarah, Linda, Chris