Despite all the activities conspiring to keep us in Bermuda longer, an obviously awful potential scenario, we set sail early in the afternoon. The sea was flat and calm with virtually no wind so we had to try and motor! We woke up to a cloudy sky for the first time; however, it did bring more wind. So, we earned our breakfast by setting sails. We are now getting back to ship routine.

This afternoon we have had a westerly wind for the first time in weeks ensuring a comfier sleep for the men as they are on the starboard side…But not so good for the women who have to listen to the increased snoring!

During our night watch there was plenty of lightning in the far distance. The occasional flying fish is still seen. We still know of human existence because of the aeroplanes. Brian (or Mr Briiian as he is alternatively known, mostly by Iddy and Amelia) celebrated what he described as his 50th anniversary of his 21st birthday! He was given a bail out reward card by his generous watch allowing him to swap three hours of duty of his choice on proof of being able to tie some complicated knots. We are now concerned as he has successfully passed the knot test!

We are hoping we have not left the sun behind and will get better weather tomorrow. Amelia hopes her mother has learned to press the on button on a computer to be able to read this and misses the nutter very much.

Love Forward Starboard,
Brian, Jude, Margaret, Amelia, Jim, JC, Chris, James and Beth.