Monday morning dawned bright but with an autumnal chill in the air. All new crew signed on and engineering / safety briefings were carried out for those joining. After the Pilot boarded, the gangway was brought in from HMS Belfast and at 13:20 we slipped into position to motor under Tower Bridge. This magnificent sight was witnessed by many tourists as well as those motorists who had been halted by the lift. As we passed under the bridge, we were greeted by a ‘Mexican Wave’ from the crew of Royalist and waves and greetings were exchanged. As we motored down river, we were able to don our harnesses and practice our first ‘hands aloft’. By the time we were passing the Thames Barrier, we were ready to step onto the footropes and make our way along the yards. After lunch we went into ‘bracing stations’ which, with a strong compliment of crew, we were able to complete without problem. After disembarking our Pilot, and filling with water during a short stop at Tilbury, we motored on down to Southend and anchored for the night a mile off the pier.