Forward Starboard watch reporting.

We went to anchorage in the awesome Great Barrier Island at Port Fitzroy in the early hours. Our glorious watchleader fell from grace when a trip down the gangway nearly ended up with a visit to the hospital but she soldiered on even with damaged pride and a sore coccyx. Wow. NZ is continuing to amaze us. There was a rush to get ashore joining our fellow tall shippers from the Spirit. The job for today was to tackle the arduous walking terrain of the Hirakimata (Mt Hobson) loop which proved a challenge to all except crew member no 27 who did a marvellous impression of a mountain goat, great going considering he would be 777 in goat years! All in all voyage crew certainly kept Lord Nelsons reputation intact keeping up with the much younger members from the Spirit of New Zealand.

Two other doti’s left the ship for smaller excursions many completing the “Old Lady” Track! Best view of the Island from the Lookout Rock. One member did attempt an escape from the ship but this was foiled when it was quickly noted she was MIA.

The remaining crew stayed on board, six or seven of which went swimming, diving from a platform into the somewhat very chilly waters (going by facial expressions and colour of skin when they eventually got out, all except the Captain shouting expletives – which cannot be repeated here!).

Dinner was followed by a few jars in the bar, we were fighting to get seats there tonight. We departed the lovely Port Abercrombie to travel overnight to our next port of call.

FS watch wo-manned the bridge (ratio female to male 2/1!) for the dreaded 00:00 to 04:00 watch, keeping the chill factor (felt by all of us, except Catherine who was in her shorts for the watch! Unreal) out by numerous cups of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even some contraband cheese on toast!!

We can’t believe we’ve only a few days left on this amazing, life changing adventure, love from all on Forward Starboard watch, Alli, Carly, Catherine, G, Nuala, Pete, Stuart and Wendy.