Woke up to beautiful sunny skies this morning. Finally, we feel we are getting the weather we signed up for! The ship has also stabilised out, so most of us now feel back to normal and there are distinctly fewer crew members running for the ship’s side rails!!

We are now nearly half way to Cape Verde – 467 miles to go! With the finer weather, however, the wind has been a little more unpredictable and we have slowed a little doing an average of around 5-6 knots.  Captain Chris still is hoping that we will be at our destination come Wednesday.

We are steadily getting into the rhythm of ship life. The routine is now becoming second nature, even when we have to get down to cleaning during happy hour. Although we can’t pretend that we aren’t happy that there won’t be one tomorrow on Sunday, seeing as we are on watch from midnight to 4am!

Remaining optimistic for some more sunny skies tomorrow.

Claire, Lali, Rupert, Peter, Sam, Jim and Luis.