Star date 23.1.14 aka day 41

We are now heading directly towards Cape Horn, with 1372 miles to go. Last night JR closed the official Cape Horn sweepstakes, with just over £100 in the kitty. Some are hoping the win will help with their bar bill at the end of the voyage.

Yesterday afternoon we were treated to a ‘medical matters’ talk by the lovely medical purser Liz, including a demonstration on Fred the overboard dummy and Watchleader Paul.

We had another clock change, bringing Lord Nelson time that much closer to Argentinian time, so as not to confuse our poor bodies when we arrive.

During our 8pm-12am watch, we inherited a dead wind and a stationary ship. We managed to more than double the previous watch’s progress to a whopping 2 nautical miles in 3 and a half hours.

The daring Meg and Dick climbed the mizzen mast just as the sun was setting to gasket the spanker, all the while Boatswain Lesley shouted instructions, ‘hug it, hug the spanker’, to the amusement of the remaining watch members.

We handed over the watch in dry conditions much to the surprise of Forward Port, due our reputation for cold and wet watches.

Our 12.30-4pm watch is shaping up to be another dry one, chugging along at 4.5 knots with just 10 knots of wind, in a South Easterly direction. 2nd mate Marcin is keeping us busy doing radio corrections.

Bunk Wars Update:

Since the last report, Sweeney has found it difficult to enter her bunk due the curtains being tied together and Paul found a dire warning when he came off watch this morning in the form of a hanged dog hat and a note proclaiming ‘dead dogs tell no tales’. Within the last hour it has been discovered that the blankets of Sweeney’s bunk have been tied up in a harbour stow, labelled as HMAS Sweeney.

Paul: 5

Sweeney: 4

We would also like to clarify, that is not the story of underdog Paul, fighting against the many female members of the crew (in his dreams!). However it maybe the story of one crew member (Sweeney) defending her honour after it was slandered by a callous fellow crew member (Paul). It just so happens that Sweeney has better taste in accomplices.


News flash, in preparation for Australia day, one of our resident Aussies, Sweeney, Emma of FS and Liz broke out Bosun Lesley’s indoor cricket set. Their rules: 6 points out of the bar, 4 points up the stairs, 2 points off the roof, rugby tackling legitimate game play. Liz’s highest score 22 runs, whilst being pinned down by Sweeney. Sweeney may have sustained minor contact bruising – first aid immediately applied (kisses)

All is fair and well

Yours Truly

Aft Starboard: Natalie W/L, Dave ..C, Dick, Mike, Colin, Fiona, Meg and Sweeney

To those family and friends at home, please can we request when emailing those on board, do not send attachments or photographs, logos etc as the Telaurus system is getting congested with the amount of flow at present.