All training crew joined in Nassau with no problems. That day counted as Day 1, and was spent meeting our buddies and having initial safety meetings. We were moored in the shelter of five massive cruise ships, who disgorged 15,000 people to throng Nassau during the day, but sucked them back after six, leaving our crew as some of the few patrons at the Senor Frogs bar on the quay opposite Nellie.

There was a lot more action going on on Day 2. We separated into our watches, and were fully briefed on safety & evacuation procedures. Most of the voyage crew took the opportunity to climb the mast & admire a great view across Nassau. After this, and all confident of our ability to use the life jackets & immersion suits, we departed Nassau. Flying fish skipped over the waves as we left port for San Salvador. Despite a fresh breeze, we were unable to set more than triangular fore & aft sails, since the wind was on the nose. Engines took us around Eleuthera Island through the night, and during the FS afternoon watch, we approached Cat Island from the North. To the Captain’s great surprise, and to the Cook’s great delight, Marco caught a Mahi Mahi fish (AKA Dorado), sadly not quite substantial enough to feed the whole crew.

The whole crew has integrated quickly, and the atmosphere aboard is friendly & fun, despite a few episodes of mal de mer.

Report by Forward Starboard watch: Louise Laws, Louise Fox, Richard English, Ben  Hallmey-Slavek & Michelle Wheddon, and our messman for today Esme Reaney.