Buenas tardes a todos! We’re motoring along in bright sunshine, under clear blue skies (34S 51W) having left Punta del Este at 1330 yesterday (Tuesday, 22 April) with a multi-national crew, including a number of Argentinians and Uruguayans.

Last night’s watches were rather cold but the stars were spectacular with a wonderful view of the Milky Way and the Southern Cross and numerous shooting stars. There was a considerable amount of traffic during the night but now we are all alone on the high seas!

This morning we were woken at 0715 to a display of a great pod of Orcas breaching near the ship – a terrific start to this voyage. Some folks have suffered a bit of seasickness but, in general, spirits are lifting on account of the beautiful weather. They are being well looked after by our on-board Nurse, Ronan.

At the moment we are enjoying the company of a number of Great Shearwaters,  Black-browed Albatross and the graceful Wandering Albatross. We’re hoping to set the square sails this afternoon once we have encountered the somewhat illusive wind!

Hasta luego, amigos! Over and out from the Aft Starboard watch: Carolyn CB Broughton (watch-leader), Chris Saunders, Kay Jaumees, Graham Woodhall, Roman Pellejero and Kate Senior.