Much to the delight of the Sherriff of Nottingham and Scrooge – Christmas has been cancelled! I know you probably think we have lost track of the day again but Captain Barbara received an email from Christmas Island yesterday informing us that the weather was still bad, the island doesn’t have a harbour and no safe anchorage so we would have had to be on a mooring buoy and due to the swells there would be no protection for the ship and in fact no ships have been allowed in the last few days and the forecast is for deteriorating weather – effectively they are having a long Christmas holiday. Thus we have altered course and are now happily sailing towards the Cocos Islands.

The second piece of bad news is that our crown of pub quiz champions has been stolen (temporarily) by those sneaky BM’s and cadets – watch this space next week.

After the visit from the fishing boat yesterday before dinner Captain Barbara invited everyone to partake in some homemade sushi, made from the Tuna and Barracuda –a baby squid had been found in the stomach of one of the fish.

With great anticipation the Great Egg Drop will be taking place tomorrow, our senior engineer (Peter) is using all his aeronautical engineering knowledge to hatch out a plan (the concept sounds very detailed but as we have no ladies tights the actual flight may falter). Chucky our egstranaught is safely in his capsule ready for launch.

Full sail has been resumed, some set before Sunday service and some after, the course being rather hastily set to allow us to have lunch and relieve the off going watch.

Glorious sunshine at present, a frigate bird and a small fishing boat keeping us company but the temperature is certainly starting to drop at night, air temp 27.5 and sea temp of 27.9.

Tony is currently adding to our attempt for the world record baggy wrinkle attempt.

Aft Stbd – Tom, James, Robin, Tony, Peter G, Peter M, Lande, Carol.