In the afternoon we are steering due north heading for Lunenburg. This morning we set all the sails (including the spanker) and launched the doti boat for some full length photos of the ship in all her glory!
Last night saw this young sailor lead his first full day as a watch leader through the youth leadership scheme. Thankfully, I didn’t instil a mutiny and I didn’t end up in the drink! The weather is much more pleasant now with average temperatures of around 27 degrees (much more bearable than the 30s we have had recently).

Today’s watch has been broken up nicely by the making of our music video. This has included many of us dressing up in brightly coloured outfits “attempting” to do yoga, and people climbing the mast in matching JST hoodies.

In other news, Eli is collecting money for a sponsored silence, something that the whole ship seems to be backing with great enthusiasm!

All around, everything is running smoothly and everyone is having a great time.

Peace, love and chicken wings

Fwd port: Oli, Jim, Carol, Naomi, Val, Tina, Kev, Iddy and John.