Sitting in the summer sun watching the sea roll by. Motorsailing all along and trying to make words to a song. Honestly there’s not a good deal to report today as there hasn’t been much to see, at sea.Though yesterday we were privileged enough to see a total of two ships one at 8pm and another around 1130pm. Seems this is a rare sight on our current heading and bar the odd seabird there doesn’t seem to be much wildlife either. Unless the spots I saw in the water were bio-luminescing plankton and not just sleep deprivation-based hallucinations (other people saw them too – thank God I thought I’d gone mad).

This morning we had the pleasure of the captain’s rounds after happy hour. Fortunately we had prior knowledge which resulted in a furious hour of happiness to get the entire vessel sparkling. Quite impressed by how quiet the engine is at the moment its almost imperceptible until you see the speed and realise that with only three sails set it’s not possible in a force 4 to go at 6 knots with 2 stays and a jib. We are still waiting to meet the Labrador current and discover its wet cold nose for ourselves as we continue past the tail of the grand banks. Guess we could always turn the motor off and see where the wind takes us instead! Could be interesting that one.

Aft Port – Richard, Peter, Anne, Markus, Kate, Linda, JC, Pam and Chris MT.