LN903 23/08/2016 -After a delicious, filling breakfast, we learnt how to climb the mast and cast-off gaskets……. readying the ship to set some sails.

All that climbed thoroughly enjoyed the experience and one climber remarked… ”Doesn’t the ship look small from high up the mast”.

We weighed anchor and motored out of the Thames estuary. After a short talk on “sail setting” we set the fore and aft sails with hopefully more sails to set later. A beautiful day on the water, 25c and barely a cloud in sight.

Aft Port.  Tony, John, Brian Jane, Hannah, Matty, Kathy, Richard P and Richard G.


Later on Tuesday we set the square sails…..the whole crew getting involved. We continued sailing through the night, sighting alien structures on the horizon. After a closer inspection of the chart, however, we discovered that it was not something from “Independence Day”, but was in fact one of many windfarms in the vicinity.

Forward Starboard – Anne, Tina, Ed, Eleanor, Gareth, Angela, Josh, James and Chris.