Day 9

The last watch ended with one of our young Leader ship@sea members, Meg, acting as watch leader. As the sun set and a beautiful orange moon rose she took on her new duties with a smile! It was a pleasant night watch, with wind force reaching a force 5, and the ship beginning to settle down. The members of the Aft. Starboard watch could settle into their roles with much ease. The dark night sea was lit up by phosphorescence plankton, making a mysterious but beautiful glow!

The whole crew was woken at 6:30am, as the Pilot for Napier was joining the ship at 7am. An early start for all! It was a smooth ride, and we were alongside by 8am. By 9am all mooring lines were set, the gangway was laid and all that was left to do was to explore and enjoy the Art Deco town of Napier!

Many members of the crew went off on a fine wine tour around the country side of Napier, which included a buffet lunch which was fit for Kings and Queens!

The rest of the crew settled in by visiting the town and finding a very nice ice cream store! The sun is still shining, and faces are still smiling!! (Especially as the sea sickness will be a miss for a few days! 🙂

Aft. Starboard: Natalie W/L , Meg, Sweeney, Mike, Dick, David, Colin, Fiona, Barbara