We are sailing under Courses, Topsails and T’gallants, as well as the outer jib and mizzen staysail; steering a course of 030 in a fresh NW wind and doing between 7 and 8 knots. The crew are refreshed and cheerful after a good nights sleep now that the swell has calmed down a bit. We have been accompanied by a pod of Southern Right whale dolphins during this watch.

Yesterdays sail was quite exciting and a few hardy souls were drafted in to help with mess duty as moving around the ship proved difficult for those under the weather. Sunday dinner was followed by a quiet evening at the movies with “Alan Partridge” showing in the upper mess. We are reliving happy memories of our visit to the Falkland Islands and are starting to look forward to our next port of call.

Forward Port. Angela, Augusto, Clive, JC, Jim, Nick and Tom