Here we are in wonderful Rio, again. The previous crew of STW8B have now gone home making the ship very quiet indeed, however some stragglers remain. These stragglers are our trusted maintainers and are currently working very hard, mainly below decks because of the rain, none the less working hard! The hard work will continue over the weekend until our next crew for STW8C arrive on Tuesday.

This morning we awoke to a very wet day and unfortunately it has continued to be wet and is pelting down just now 🙁 It is our first real wet day since we set sail from Punta Del Este, Argentina over a month ago. Christ the Redeemer is just off the port side and is intermittently visible depending on cloud, a real treat to look at!

Cookie Dave is 71 today and Luis, our resident Argentinian also celebrates his birthday today, Happy Birthday to them both!! We will celebrate with a beer or two tonight.


Medical Purser