23rd June

The Captain said “It was the best sailing day she had in a long time.” The sun was out, all the square sails were set and the wind and sea were perfect. Aft Port was put through a very severe exercise regime by Charlie.

Also, we caught a fish for the impending “crossing the line” ceremony, just a day in advance – proof that Neptune provides.

Last blog from Lord Nelson in the Southern hemisphere!

Aft Port – Colin, Jonny, Carol, Charlotte, Charlie, Jane, Izzy, Jim and Cate

And Chris Hugo wants to say hi to his mum and FLOV.

23/06/14 – afternoon

The leadership at sea group and the bosun’s mates took a knot tying lesson at the fore mast where they taught a series of 8 knots. The mess men made a fabulous dinner including a delicious banoffee pie concocted by Izzy! Later in the evening there was a movie night which was enjoyed by the few who could stay up past 8pm.

24/06/14 – Day 7

This morning at 7.30am we had an exciting wake-up call on the tannoy to alert everyone that we were close to crossing The Line (Equator). The silent auction resulted in Pinky and Mike at the helm. We all came up on deck to witness the 00… position which occurred at 07.51, the chartroom erupted with cheers as our beloved Nellie was back in home waters again the first time for over a year! After breakfast and smoko we had the dreaded crossing the line ceremony. Anticipation had been building for days and we were all very nervous as to what the shell backs were going to do to us polliwogs! With Captain Barbara as King Neptune and First Mate Jon as Queen Neptunia the ceremony began. Watch by watch we were led to the stern platform where the shellbacks were dressed up. Each polliwog had to bow down in the sea water pool to the King and Queen, hear their sin(s) and while everyone shouted guilty had to kiss a dead fish. They then had to eat “medicine” which was a disgusting blend of who knows what which was then washed down with yellow mush. Each Polliwog had a cup of blue gloop poured over their head before having a chunk of hair cut off from their head or the unlucky ones from their eyebrows! We had all now earned our shellback titles and celebrated with a sea water shower on deck. We all had a lot of fun and are all properly washed and clean you’ll be pleased to know…

After all the excitement of the morning it was back into ships routine once more, onwards to the Grenadines!