24/07/15 LN873

We started off bright and early to help with the assisted climbs and wheelchairs aloft where Alice and Mislav did a self ascent, something very new to them and extremely rewarding. Most of the assisted climbers were first-timers – nervous about going up but feeling very pleased when they got down.  All ran very smoothly and once everyone was back safely on deck we prepared for our departure from Farsund and began making our way to Kristiansand, our final port. We had a bumpy start whilst getting the sails set, but once that was done we were slicing through the waves with ease. This is our last watch at sea and it’s really sunny though our look-outs have to be especially alert when it comes to spotting fishing buoys.

We have just passed the oldest lighthouse in Norway where there is also a distillery where no doubt the price is equally expensive.

The Leadership At Sea squad are currently discussing outfits for the crew parade – sartorial ideas include costumes made from newspaper, penguins, owls, kangaroos and other creatures.

Forward Port Watch.