Ships blog, day 11 (since joining)

Quiz night last night was a raucous affair. With questions on Nelson, Nature, Pot luck, & a surprise round on Iceland or the Azores, dependent on the colour of card drawn. Some dubious answers were flung about, especially from Lou, who’s answer to “what family does the dove belong to?” was “Canine”! A case of too much fluff in the ears me thinks. Fwd Stbd were the winners (yeh).

Due to weather conditions, we are now heading for the Azores. Much to the disappointment of some, but many were pleased as this would mean we would hopefully do more of the journey under sail.

A non-denominational church service was held for those who wished to attend. Hymns were sung including “For those in Peril on the Sea”.

Fwd Stbd’s washing day. Hooray! Tom was ‘Wash Leader’. Handling of smalls done as expertly as the sails! We are on afternoon watch, & have already spotted several whale spouts, Great Shearwaters & have just been treated to a display from a pod of dolphins much to the excitement of the watch….watch this space!

Love to all our family and friends at home, especially Izzy.

Fwd Stbd.
Debbie, Sarah, Bill, James, Tom, Rob, Lou, Cato And Norman xxxxxxxxx