Our Watch from 8 to midnight on day 2 was very busy for the lookouts – we were  motoring through the Dover Straights. Some of the ships were easy to spot (the ferries were lit up like Christmas Trees!) others were very difficult to spot. But we survived the experience. We were lucky – it didn’t rain until we were fast asleep in our bunks.

Tanya is feeling a little worse for wear and skipped breakfast but she had a little lunch.

After a talk on setting sails in the morning, we had to put it into practice – luckily some experts had been listening and could tell us what to pull or hold!

We made a fine sight with the sails up, throughout our 12.30-4 watch, steering “to the wind” and keeping the wind just forward of the beam – achieving a dizzy speed of 5 knots at one point.

Forward Starboard: Sean, Audrey, JC, Chris, Anne, Tanya, Bill & Sam.