Thursday 23rd, October to Friday 24th October.

Today we set off on our voyage from Southampton port, sailed past the Needles in the Solent, and then we got a chance to climb the mast and then onto the yards, which was great and we had a great view.  We learned how to turn the yards by using the ropes.

We have 4 watch groups that do 4 hour and 2 hour shifts – also people take turns in helping in the kitchen preparing food. Every day we have an hour called “happy hour” which includes cleaning the lower and upper deck for a whole hour, but today happy hour was delayed because as we were sailing and cleaning, dolphins appeared and everyone ran away from their jobs to take pictures and videos.

It has been a little rough since Thursday night and only a handful of people turned up for breakfast but I’m sure they will need this preparation for the Bay of Biscay!

From AFT Starboard watch – Billy, Bill, Alex, Ellie , Luis, Phillip , Crispian and Jordan J