Following a relaxed day on the island of Dominique, where the crew were treated to a boat-tour of a swamp trail that lead to a cosy rum shack, comfortingly named the ‘Ticking Crocodile’. The trail was also a familiar location for fans of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films, those who had seen the films would recognise a certain creepy-looking shack amidst the many ‘blood trees’, (aptly named due to their blood red sap, which was also used for the natives red body paint!) belonging to the menacing witch ‘Calypso’. Although we didn’t meet her on this occasion, we certainly could not fault her choice in location!

Once our crew members were filled with history, interesting facts about the swamp, sights of swamp-life, and most importantly – rum!, the crew saw out the evening with shopping, good food and laughter that could be heard off the island.

We said our goodbyes to Dominique and the many gar fish that kept us company, setting sail to the island of Les Saints, only a few miles away.

The pleasant sail that saw groups of flying fish fly by and beautiful skies was soon interrupted by the island’s on and off downpours once we arrived to the gorgeous green coast of Les Saints, soaking those unlucky to be on watch to the bone… Although it was nothing a hot cup of tea couldn’t fix!

With spirits not dampened in the slightest, we arrived to our anchor point in a reef-bay off of Les Saints and were given the go ahead to jump out for a swim in the clear blue Caribbean sea! The ‘go-ahead’ was received heartily and soon after the warm sea carried half of the crew, full of Christmas cheer and smiles!

Whilst Cookie and the mess crew are readying the Christmas meals, the crew are relaxed and ready to take in the treats of Les Saints, all that is left

to say from STS Lord Nelson and her crew is Happy Christmas!

Martin on behalf of Aft Port