LN959D BB04

Poole – Southampton

So the trip on Lord Nelson is finally here, after what seems like months of fundraising in fattening people up in the office at work. It would all be over in just a few days.

We started off after I just made it to the ship. We scurried up the gangway into a frenzy of introductions and bunk making. I’ve got the top bunk great, better take it steady.

After the captain introduced the crew and some safety talks. We were told lunch was ready for us up on deck. Thank fully we don’t have to cook or else people would be sick from more than just the sea.

After lunch, more talks and information onslaughts ensued whilst the seasoned sailors nodded along and smiled I couldn’t help but think I was a little underprepared for this.

And then the main event, climbing the mast. This was probably what I was looking forward to the most, it was clear from the rapid quietening of some of the people exerting themselves that positive encouragement would be welcome.

We started with the people doing self- ascending and hauling themselves all the way up from their chairs to the platform. This was the moment when, I actually stopped, and thought wow I am on this ship with some truly inspirational people.

Michelle- Aft Port Watch

Day 2

Over the speaker comes ‘Happy Hour’ we are all looking at each other smiling. ‘Bars open@ we cheer, walk around the corner and buckets and scrubbing brushes and the groan follows. At this point we were introduced to 2 new members of crew Hetty and Charlie our electronic cleaning buddies. Heads cleaned shower grates washed, decks swept, 5pm its over ‘yay’

 After dinner and some calls back home, we are all sat on deck watching the harvest moon come up over the horizon. What a beautiful sight. Bright orange glow over the sea while we are at anchor. This led into the star gazing and the massive debate amongst the crew as to which planet we could see Mars or Saturn.. and technology to the rescue, out come the smart phones with all sorts of apps…And the debate continues Trev has spoken! Its Saturn.

After a night at anchor and breakfast eaten, there were new challenges to face. Hauling in the anchor!  Who knew what annoying ‘hookers’ and ‘tossers’ the crew was as they were part of the anchor party. Just when the terminology had started to make sense! You should admire a sailor’s sense of humour.

To come away with one’s own sense of achievement is one thing. to help realise another’s and see the pleasure and pride in their achievement is something else. Hats off to you JST you make such a difference. 2-6 heave and another and another.


Forward starboard watch