Day 4: We motored throughout the night with only a few fore and aft sails set, and were greeted by a gorgeous sunset, a wide field of stars glimmering above the rigging, and a lovely sunrise. We arrived at San Salvador at 0730 in the morning. After a breakfast on board, we donned our life jackets and began the transport of crew to shore and back in the DOTI boats — on the hour until 1700 in the evening. This venture to shore was the first opportunity to load the wheelies into the boats, and the process was seemless and safe, thanks to the help of the experienced permanent crew. All voyage crew and several permanent crew went ashore for a day of exploring the island. Many went swimming in the unbelievably clear, crystal blue waters from beaches adorned with white sand so fine it felt like silk. Some went for long walk through small village of Cockburn, dotted with stucco buildings painted in cheerful, bright shades of pink, teal, and yellow. The people of San Salvador are wonderfully friendly and our crew was astonished by their generosity. Some of our crew were treated to a private tour of the island by the local tourist officer, who showed them the Dixon Hill Lighthouse, built in mid-19th Century and is one of the only remaining lighthouses that have not been automated and is still manned by a resident lightkeeper! Other crew hiked to the centre of the island and admired the large saltwater lake there, complete with white egrets perched in the boughs of the mangroves and a quiet stillness that was unmatched. Although the crew initially went their separate ways and explored the island in small groups, we all managed to meet up around lunch time at a local “snack shack” for a very Bahamian meal of deep fried snapper, grouper fish, and conch salad. That evening, beneath the colours of the setting sun, we enjoyed a crew party on the deck of the ship with hamburgers and delicious–but deceptive–Engineer’s punch. The camaraderie of the crew is swiftly growing–through such a short amount of time, we’ve already become much like a family at sea.

Day 5: We weighed anchor at 0900 and bid adieu to the delightful island of San Salvador. After breakfast, happy hour (tending/cleaning the ship), and sail setting, we’re now under full sail and working our way northeast to Bermuda. The weather is lovely and all is well.

Submitted by the Aft Starboard watch: Tom, Angie, Jonny, John, Sarah, Jettari, and Shawna.

P.S. Much fishing off the stern platform was performed by Darren, MP, who managed to land quite a few trigger fish.  He also caught a rather frisky tiger shark, which thankfully, snapped the line when brought alongside and swam away in a frenzy.  Darren shall henceforth, be known as ‘Sharkie’…