Last night Aft Port hosted a pyjama party for their last watch with Rob. The whole watch turned up in their pyjamas, Rob in a penguin onesie due to the fact he does not own any! We all brought snacks, played charades and ended the party with some of Rob’s delicious homemade chai tea. The winds have gusted up to 25 knots today and the temperature has dropped, going down to a very chilly 21 degrees, so we are all wrapped up warm in layers. Sails have been stowed in preparation for arriving in Halifax, with several of the crew spending over an hour up the mizzen mast tucking away the spanker! The sponsored silence is still going, with Eli and Aoife accidently speaking which will result in them having strands of their hair dyed in different colours. Izzy is having her deaf day and Charlie is doing her blind one so all together we look like the three monkeys: see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil. Daft Port also now have the honour of doing the fastest speed on the voyage, reaching up to 13.7 knots whilst on watch yesterday morning, the torrential rain unable to dampen our excitement.

Aft port: Colin, Charlie, Jane, Jim, Carol, Charlotte, Izzy Cate and Jonny