Day 9 Sunday 25th August 2013

This is the first time that aft starboard has written a blog, with our watch either being in port or having poor time management in previous days. After being serenaded by chirpy Nancy and her dulcet tones for the morning wake-up, we have finally set almost a full spread of sail due to a favourable but highly unusual northerly wind across the Great Aussie Bight; this wind means that, with the yards braced hard to starboard, the square sails somewhat resemble the fore-and- after sails. Today on watch Brian, the most koala-like of the watch, decided to have a gentle nap on the sun-deck at the back of the bridge. Consequently, he became a useful target for an impromptu knot tying practise session with Sam the ‘Oompah Lumpah’ and Andrew, a visitor from Forward Starboard, practising their knots on him; sadly they may need lots more practice as W/L James remains unable to identify or classify their ‘knots’.

Most of the watch sits in silence and meaningfully looks out to sea, deep in thought and rapt concentration. However, coffee runs with a side of chocolate often end with games of eye spy. The best game so far resulted in seeking the spanker, which has left Sam with spanking on the brain. It is now at the point in the voyage that we are closer to disembarking than embarking. This means that the crew are getting more confident at climbing and general sail handling. Springy Sam, after some (much) persistent begging (nagging), was finally given leave to climb the foremast to undo the T’gallant gaskets, while other crew members take to the rigging for exercise and to take photos. Currently it is siesta time, so that means we have a morgue on deck with bodies littered around, trying to grab some rays of sun before their next watch. To counteract this pervading drowsiness, Koala Brian, our resident dour Glaswegian has been trying to teach Aft Starboard Glaswegian, although sadly simple Sam is easily distracted and keeps dragging the lesson off topic.

Until next time from AS, W/L James, spontaneous Sam, Koala Brian, Mr T, Grant, Gary, Allen, Maintainer Mike and superstar Kylie, later.