STW 19 Blog

Hobart to Sydney

24th September to 4th October 2013


Captain: Barbara Campbell

1st Mate: Jon West

2nd Mate: Jim Phillips

3rd Mate: Kevin King

Bosun: Rob McDonald

Chief Engineer: Alan Grant

2nd Engineer: Tamsin Smith

Supernumerary engineer: Mike Snoxell

Cook: Dave Stanley

Medical Purser: Elizabeth Turner

Bosun’s Mates: Alan Fisher and Alice Thornton

Cook’s Assistant: Pam Johnston


36 voyage crew from Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Ireland


Day 2 Wednesday 25th September 2013

Hello from aft port,

We’re currently heading out of the Hobart Harbour alongside a variety of tall ships from around the world. The boats are sailing from Hobart to Sydney in readiness for the Royal Australian Navy Review. The fleet include: Europa, Tecla, Young Endeavour, Oosterchelde, Windward Bound, Soren Larsen and at last Lord Nelson has found his Lady Nelson. The atmosphere of the crew shadows the amazing trip ahead, and as we are leaving the calm waters to face the seas, the anticipation and excitement is really setting in. For most of us, this is our first time being in a sailing environment; however the support that all crew members have been offering has been great. After many long briefings yesterday afternoon, there were many eager pub-goers, or on the other hand, some were keen for gelato. This morning we had put our sailing knowledge to the test, as Lord Nelson had a great sail in the parade this morning – keeping us in anticipation of what’s to come.

Maddie,Nellie,Tom,David,Paul,Keith,Chris,Nick + Helene