Motor sailing in long slow swells, several of the voyage crew are struggling with seasickness to various degrees; the ones not suffering are doing a great job of keeping spirits up and supplying drinks and snacks.

We saw numerous dolphins playing alongside on Friday afternoon, always brings a few smiles!

We have had light winds (not in the most favourable direction) and we’ve set fore and aft sails to aid stability of the ship, and hopefully add a little extra speed.

The night watch were greeted by a beautiful starry sky, which unfortunately clouded over by midnight.

Several ships visible on our port side providing a focus in what otherwise seemed like infinite darkness.

Morning dawned with most of yesterday’s seasick crew well on the way to recovery and gaining their ‘sea legs’, although a small number are still not quite there.

By Saturday afternoon the swell has increased in height but it feels a more predictable and comfortable motion, the sun has broken through and boosted positive attitudes!