Lord Nelson 25/12/15

This blog was written by Casey Nicklin and Aaron Naden.

Today we got woken up at 07:30 and came out to see our breakfast tables beautifully decorated by our messmen and the permanent crew. As it was Christmas Day one of the Permanent crew had placed 3 wrapped little parcels on each plate so we all had presents to open. Then the mess staff brought us down a full English breakfast which I must say was gorgeous.

After that we all went up the rigging which was amazing, especially when the people on the first platform started singing and dancing. Once everyone did that we had the egg drop which ended in a tie break where a member of each team had to crack eggs on their own head, unfortunately the Bootneck  (Casey) lost to a Matlow. Once that had finished we all got a present from Santa who after having problems with air traffic control finally arrived by sea boat, Santa arrived with some present from sea cadet staff that were collected on the way.

Once Santa had come and gone we had lunch. Around 2 o’clock we left to go to the beach, where we went swimming and played beach volleyball where our team won both games second being a lot closer than the first. When we returned our dinner table was set up for Christmas dinner which was served by the permanent crew which was a nice touch. After dinner Ben came and gave us a quiz where our watch came second and now we are here on harbour watch I guess we will see what happens tomorrow.