Christmas Day 2014

Dawn broke at anchor in the bay at Terre de Haut which is part of the archipelago of Les Saintes (part of Guadaloupe).  By 8.00 am the AS watch recorded a temperature of 27 degs.  Our Christmas breakfast was scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, bacon and toast.  After a Bucks Fizz smoko, we set off in the DOTI boat to spend the day on shore for swimming, good French coffee and rum punch.  We were entertained by the sight of pelicans diving into the bay.  There were a lot of happy people wandering around the village, speaking French generally chilling out around the shops, bars and cafes.  When we returned to the ship, everyone changed into their glad rags and sported festive accessories.  We enjoyed a splendid feast in the lower mess which had been prepared by cookie Derek, cook’s ass. Mandy and a bucket of potatoes which had been peeled the day before by volunteers from AS watch (aka Pink Lady Watch).  The wonderful meal was served up by the officers and permanent crew much to the delight of the volunteer crew.  Wine flowed and everyone ate far too much.  Everyone agreed it had been a most memorable Christmas on board Nellie.  Signed off by Moira and Carole from Pink Lady Watch.