Day 1:

All the voyage crew arrived on time. Wind was likely gail force in the channel and force 6 in Poole. We had rope, steering and lookout training in the lower mess. Today was Trafalgar day – 212 years since the death of Lord Nelson. Extra tables were set up in the lower mess for an excellent celebratory meal produced by Cookie Dave and his assistant Esme along with four galleys slaves (Mess man). We were then entertained by Captain Darren as Lord Nelson and Chief engineer Steve and Hardy. Nelson issued a series of 19th century ordered all of which were blocked by 21st century Health and safety along with other objections.

Day 2:

We were piloted out of Poole harbour and then after bracing training, we set topsails and two fare aft sails in a westerly force 6. The residual swell in the channel from storm Brian made for an uncomfortable tide and several cases of seasickness. We eventually anchored down just off Swanage bay for the night.

Day 3:

We awoke to light rain and poor visibility. We had to return to Poole due to unforeseen circumstances. In the afternoon we had wheelchair aloft and assisted climbs. This was followed by hands aloft training with several people walking out onto the yards. The majority of crew then enjoyed a meal ashore in Poole.

Ian & Gail

Fwd starboard watch