Day 8

Forward port watch

Buenos tardes from Forward Port. We’ve been at sea for five days now so well into the routine of watches, happy hour and of course smoko (tea and cake).

We’re about 200 (nautical) miles away from Sau Francisco and sailing nicely.

The main course was set earlier this morning which means that we have all square sails set, plus the spanker. Our speed is 5 kt. Calm sea, although today is quite cloudy. Jen, Martin and Chris have been beavering away, busily brasso’ing the plaques on the bridge, while Cat, one of our BMs, is sanding the seats on the weather deck with help from Darta and Julio. No rest for the wicked. Excitement is building on-board at prospects of seeing land again yipeeeeeee!

Captain Chris and Nursey Ronan would like to say hello to their Mammy’s awwwwwww 🙂