The dawning of the second week aboard had us awoken with a mandarin Chinese wake up from Johnny and just so we knew what was going on, Izzy gave a more concise wake up in English.

There was a race between the fore and aft watches to stow their courses, our unorthodox hauling of the clew led us to defeat.

After smoko, great excitement was had when “faceless Fred” (don’t worry he is a dummy not a member of crew or voyage crew) was seen hanging from the port foretopsail yard.  The permanent crew sprang into action and he was gently lowered onto the deck straddled by the second mate.

We are rocking and rolling our way to the Caribbean motor sailing at an average speed of 7 knots.

While the rest of the ship take an afternoon snooze, the watch are finely sanding the bridge handrails under the sweltering sun, while Kat the cooks assistant and Tina water the deck with watering cans!

Love to all at home from Forward Port Watch:  Jim, Naomi, Val, Oli, Kevin, Doc John, Iddy, Tina and Carol