We approached Halifax and entered the harbour around 5pm with 8 square sails set, crew standing by, sailed a quarter of a mile between St Georges island and the maritime museum where the berth is and we managed to arouse the suspicion of the Canadian Border patrol as they thought we were coming in unannounced, how they thought this with everything set and berthing downwind the captain did not understand.

Having dropped the anchor we then had sundowners on the bridge followed by a SODS opera. The Ships Operatic Drama Society is a traditional event which allows anyone to perform a sketch, sing a song, read a poem or anything to entertain the rest of the ship’s crew. Jude read out a wonderful poem about our journey from Brazil. This was followed by the Leadership at Sea crew who performed a sketch as members of the permanent crew. James did a very good impression of Captain Barbara much to her amusement. Captain Barbara read out a poem and then did a very funny sketch with Pinky. Many more acts performed and a great night was had by all.