Day 38

This is sadly our last day at sea and land is in sight. To our surprise when we came on watch at 8 pm last night the grey day had disappeared and it was a sunny evening and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset. The watch was made more special by the sighting of a whale early on. As the sun set we were reminded we were now in the north and layers of clothes were needed as it was pretty chilly by midnight.

On the morning of 26th we had left the grey weather behind and it was a beautiful sunny morning but a few degrees cooler than we have become accustomed to. We were given an additional treat for breakfast as a pod of dolphins appeared right beside our starboard side and then moved to the bowsprit. There was then a call for all hands on deck and we put up almost all the sails and the engine was turned off. The early afternoon watch is the last at sea for Forward Starboard and we are feeling sorry that our fantastic sailing venture is nearly over. We were however cheered by further sightings at sea. This time Orcas, a shark and a seal. As we sign off we have done 4,210 miles and are looking forward to eating our meals from plates rather than dog bowls.

Farewell from all on Forward Starboard watch has this is likely to be our last blog entry as we will be in Halifax from tomorrow.

Forward Starboard: Amelia, Beth, Brian, Chris, James, JC, Jim, Jude, Margaret