Day 9 – 10 Sun-Mon Mess duty by Jane

Today Mess duty started with total chaos the voyage crew had the opportunity to purchase ships souvenirs in the lower mess meaning the mess team only had 10 mins to set the tables for 50 people!

The day ended with a delicious Sunday roast and generous helping of cookie Dave’s Banoffee Pie.

Monday morning brought rough seas leading to an interesting mess duty: being attacked by flying butter after opening the fridge door, watermelon trying to escape being chopped by rolling away and avoiding chopping fingers with a lurching ship (or there would have been a not so vegetarian coleslaw!) I made an escape from chopping onions by listening to a weather talk in the southern hemisphere by Bosun Jim. An excellent mess team managed to save smashing any crockery.

It’s now getting to the point in the trip where everyone is dreading the voyage finishing!!!

Jane AP