Fine weather yesterday turned to rain overnight. The Watch getting very soggy this afternoon, but at least we have the consolation that our washing is at this very moment being transformed to its original clean, sweet smelling, state. The shop opened to a rush of sales yesterday as the realisation took hold that it would be 16 days before our next clothes wash!

As we type this on the bridge, Jess from Forward Port continues to serenade our watch with her violin from the stern platform, despite the strings and herself getting progressively wetter – although I am now reliably informed she has made a dash for cover!

We were on first watch yesterday evening after the clocks changed again (1930hrs miraculously became 2030hrs – what to write for the 2000hrs log??).
We saw more dolphins as well as a lone turtle. By then we had left the Labrador current firmly behind, recording sea temperatures rising from 15 to almost 25 degrees by watch end.

We were intrigued by tweeting noises during the watch. At first we thought they might be dolphins but then we spotted storm petrels swooping around which seemed to be the real culprits.

Large swells chasing us as the watch retired to our bunks at midnight. With little wind and only fore and aft sails set the ship rocked us to sleep, but none too kindly.

Today’s afternoon watch largely uneventful. Whales have failed to appear again – probably because they are adverse to getting wet in all this rain!

Dolphins however do not mind the rain and have come up to say hello. We are still heading South East to get in front of a pressure system which is likely to bring us ‘exciting’ conditions as well as the useful westerly winds which we so desire.

A bit of excitement as the watch comes to an end as a tanker crosses our path (starboard over to port). Quite a rare sight.

Aft Starboard – Natalie (WL), Aoife, Ben, Bob, Chris, Chris, Colin, Sam, Stewart