Day 12

Well guys, things ain’t quite what they should be. No fault of El Capitano but something called the wind and the weather which does not want us to press on south to Vernadsky base. So we have done some patrolling in open waters which has the great advantage of the ship’s system being able to make fresh water from the clean seas. This has enabled us to admire the towering mountainous peaks, ice and sea shaded from electric blues to bottle greens. But this evening, we shall return to an anchorage at Port Lockroy which will allow us to visit the museum and post our postcards on to you via the Falklands.

Our heroes throughout all of this have been Derek Le Chef and his energetic assistant, Victoria. They have provided us with a never ending variety of good food, keeping our cockles warm.

P.S. we forgot to say that when we were last at Port Lockroy we had an open house for staff of the British Antarctic Heritage Trust base.

We were also visited by Doug Allen, probably the best-known underwater cameraman, whose involvement in Sir David Attenborough’s wildlife programmes has thrilled us all.

Forward Port Watch: Robin, Victoria, Jan, Gary, Janet, Mislav, Helen, Jen and Peter.